Cocina Andina

Peruvian gastronomy is well known today for being one of the most delicious, best prepared and varied food in the world. People who had the chance to try that food recognize it.

There are two fundamental characteristics that made possible a cuisine like this: First, the varied amount of ingredients used, and Second, the miscegenation of races that converged during Peru’s history that mixed their roots with great results.

The Andean Cuisine within Peruvian food represents the tradition of ancient cultures which lived in the Andes thousands of years ago until today.

Lots of their best food was only for the Inca nobility and we enjoy it until today. This millennial food has been merging slowly with ingredients and styles brought by European, African and also Asian immigrants to this country.


Even today ingredients like Quinoa, Kiwicha, Potato, Tunta and Chuño (derivatives of potato), Corn and Lima Beans are still being fundamental ingredients on the andean diet, with meat that goes from bovine, beef, to alpaca and ostrich including fishes like trout, silverside and also some unique species like carachi and ispi from Lake Titikaka are inevitable on Andean dishes, nutrient rich and delicious on their different recipes.

Nuestra Propuesta

On Qhantati Ururi we use all our passion to offer our clients the best proposal ever of Andean-Peruvian Cuisine. In the tendency of Andean Cuisine, we mix the best ingredients, carefully selected for our clients and delicately blended by our Chef for bringing you an unforgettable and pleasant experience.

We serve groups on request with the gastronomic proposal they deserve. Our baselunch menu consists on:

  • An appetizer based on cheeses from the region.
  • Quinoa especial soup
  • The main dish can include 3 kinds of meat between trout, bovine and ovine with sautéed vegetables and Andean potatoes.
  • Fruit salad as dessert
  • Andean digestive herbs hot tea.